At Metropolitan Title Company, we are focused on providing Hoosiers with the best Title services available, and at our Huntington office, this couldn’t be more true. Located in the heart of the city, the Huntington branch is ready to be the guiding hand in real estate for their fellow neighbors. The Huntington team consists of experienced professionals who provide exceptional customer service to the local community. 

Whether a customer is buying or selling a property, refinancing a mortgage, or dealing with any other title-related issue, the expert Title team in Huntington is there to provide guidance and support every step of the way. When asked about the great work Metropolitan Title is doing there, Huntington Branch manager and life-long city resident Courtney Capozza had this to say: 


“At Metropolitan Title, we strive to make a positive impact on our clients and the community. We do this through unmatched collaboration and hard work that is both rewarding and fulfilling. We are dedicated to ensuring that each client receives the best possible experience. We take pride in the work we do, and it shows in our results. I couldn’t be more excited to carry out the values of Metropolitan Title in the town I’ve always known as home!”


Metropolitan Title Company’s Huntington Office is a trusted partner for anyone in the local area who needs reliable and professional title services. With its experienced and caring staff, local focus, and commitment to excellence, this office is the go-to destination for all your Title needs. Reach out to our Huntington office today at 260.366.6690.  



About Metropolitan Title: For over 165 years, Metropolitan Title has been Indiana’s Title Company. With 16 different offices across the state, Metropolitan Title faithfully manages and safeguards successful property transactions for our fellow Hoosiers.  Always professional, courteous, and upholding Hoosier values, our success comes from the devotion we have to our partners as we build meaningful and lasting relationships throughout our community.