It’s officially 2023 and as the expression goes “new year, new you.” But while you clean your closet and participate in the latest fashion trends, don’t forget that your home is equally an expression of you. Reinvigorate your space with a fresh coat of paint. Hand-picked by paint and design experts, these 2023 color trends will make a splash in the new year.  


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Saturated Red Hues

This year, we’re not afraid to go bold. Moving away from the subtle colors that have been repeatedly used over the years, walls this year are making a statement. Vibrant, berry-like colors like Pantone’s Viva Magenta, Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush (pictured), and Glidden’s Calypso Berry are all perfect for energizing your space. Use colors like these to add a fun focal point to an area or electrify the whole room by painting it wall to wall.  


Photo: Benjamin Moore, Raspberry Blush.


Clay-like Pinks

The warm color trend continues but this time with a twist. Ground your home in beautiful shades of soft pink and clay. The versatility of this option is limitless as it can play with woods, plants, and other earthy colors to emulate a feeling of naturalism. Alternatively, use sleek décor with rich colors and gold accents for a sophisticated look. If you’re looking for colors to incorporate into your home, consider: 

Photo: Sherwin-Williams, Redend Point


Interesting Greens

These aren’t your average greens. Where midtone greens have dominated in the past, this year is bringing us surprising shades with unique undertones such as PPG’s Gone Giddy—an almost neon yellow-green. Alternatively, you can use serene shades like Sherwin Williams’ Celery or Dutchboy’s Rustic Greige to craft a calm and inviting atmosphere. Whatever route you choose, giving an unexpected tilt to a timeless color adds an interesting element of whimsy that’s sure to set your home apart from the rest.  

Photo: PPG, Gone Giddy. 


A Softer Version of Black and White

Deep chocolate browns and rich eggplant violets can bring depth and elegance into any room. Instead of a stark and conventional black, using dark shades of brown, purple, and green can add intriguing layers and drama into a space. Explore transforming your home with these color options:  

Photo: Benjamin Moore, Wenge.


Which 2023 Color Trend Entices You?

As we kick off the year, give your home a fresh new look with these 2023 color trends. Bold or sophisticated, calm or energetic, or something else entirely, whoever you choose to be this year, these colors can reflect your desired aesthetic in your home.