A few years ago, the only way of notarizing a document was if the signer, the notary, and all essential parties put in the work to be at the same place at the same time. However, thanks to Remote Online Notarization (RON), those days are behind us. Not only is RON more convenient for everyone involved in the closing process, but it also has a wealth of advantages outside of the real estate industry.  


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What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

As the name suggests, Remote Online Notarization (RON) refers to the process of digitally notarizing documents. Through virtual video-audio conferences and electronic signatures and stamps, notarizing documents has become easier than ever. Where the notary once had to be physically present to witness the signing, now notaries in Indiana can notarize Hoosier properties over an online, state approved communication platform. As an online meeting place with advanced security measures put in place to protect the authenticity of the transaction, this technology is changing the game for real estate closings.  


4 Benefits of Remote Online Notarization


Closings are Convenient

With all necessary individuals being able to view the documents in advance and sign with just a click of a button, the time it takes to coordinate the notarization process for closings has been greatly diminished. While traditional notarization could be a long, arduous process due to scheduling conflicts or transportation delays, being able to meet from the comfort and ease of a computer screen has eliminated these problems. Moreover, all documents are digital when you use RON; therefore, there’s no need to stress over getting physical versions of documents or making copies for anyone.  


Improved Productivity

No travel time also means more time to prioritize your needs. Hours spent in the car traveling to meeting locations can now be utilized for increased productivity. With a few simple steps, realtors can be invited to join the notarization process, meaning they can fit more signings into their day. Whether you’re a realtor, signer, lender, or title agent, everyone enjoys having the most valuable resourcetime back on their plate.  


More Security

The electronic aspect of RON makes the notarization process even more secure. Through knowledge-based authentication and electronic identification verification, all the parties present for the closing can be technologically verified to reduce the likelihood of fraud. Furthermore, in the event of a dispute where the transaction must be verified, all sessions are recorded.  


No Need for Paper Problems

Digital transactions mean the problems that arise with paper documents are no longer an issue. All paperwork can be immediately and conveniently accessed digitally, meaning the days of hunting down the right document in a stack of papers are over. Transactions are even more secure when you consider that no papers can go missing. Additionally, RON being a digital solution means fewer office supply expenses, allowing your budget to expand elsewhere.  


Get Started with RON Today

Remote online notarization makes the closing process a breeze with increased security, convenience, and plenty of other advantages that go beyond what a traditional notarization can offer. Interested in learning more? Click here to discover how a typical RON process operates so you can reap the rewards during your next closing. 


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