From November to January, the housing market enters its slow season. While selling your home during the holidays might be the last thing on your mind, staying active during the market’s downtime does have its advantages.

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Slow Season Means Less Inventory

Spring and summer are typically the high seasons for real estate, which can also mean bidding wars and fast sales. However, this doesn’t mean buyers aren’t looking during the winter months. One way to generate interest in your property is by pricing your house for sale instead of lowering it periodically. And if you play your cards right, you might be able to sell your home quicker than those who wait until springtime.


Serious Buyers

Between open houses and preparing for the holiday season, buyers who show interest in your home between November to January are more likely to be serious about purchasing. If an interested buyer is making an effort between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, they’re ready to make a move if you are.


Cozy Staging

Staging your home can help prospective buyers envision your house as their future home. During the holiday season, adding lights, garland, candles, and other holiday decorations can create an environment that makes buyers feel comfortable and warm as they walk through your front door. If you’re looking to step up your decorating game, consider hiring a professional home stager to create the perfect holiday look to help your home stand out.


Christmas decorations

Make your home cozy by adding decorations. Try to keep it simple so buyers can picture themselves there. 


Festive Neighborhoods and Cheery Curb Appeal

One of the staples of the holiday season is that many people spruce their homes up with festive lights and decorations. You don’t want to go overboard with your decorations, but adding greenery and lights will allow your house to shine along with your neighbors’.

During the winter months, your lawn and trees may not be as lush as they are in the summertime, but your curb appeal should still be a top priority in the winter months. Take the time to rake leaves, remove sticks and other debris so that your lawn is in tip-top shape for open houses. With cheery curb appeal, buyers looking to purchase a home may see your neighborhood in a different light and may be more willing to consider the area if they were on the fence.


End of Year Tax Breaks

Before the year wraps up, buyers may be interested in making a move to receive a break on their taxes. In addition to reducing the property tax bill, buyers can deduct mortgage interest and interest costs of their loan if the sale closes before December 31. While new tax laws limit deductions, year-end tax breaks may still prompt buyers to make a move during the holiday season.


Get in Touch with Metropolitan Title

Selling your home during the holidays offers many benefits for homeowners. When sellers choose to put their home on the market in November and December, they are more likely to face less competition, find more serious buyers, and may even have the opportunity for a quicker sale before those year-end deadlines. If you are interested in selling your home this holiday season, get in touch with Metropolitan Title so we can help you start your new year off right.