Whether your style is bright and bold, or you gravitate toward warm and earthy neutrals, paint colors resonate differently for everyone. As with fashion, design and color trends vary and change with each coming year. These 2022 color trends as picked by paint and design experts encompass what they believe best fits the year to come.

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Sage Green

2022 color trends sage green

Like the changing seasons, sage green is a versatile color that complements many design styles very well. Whether you use it as an accent wall or the whole room, sage green is invigorating yet comforting. This shade is perfect for the new year as green symbolizes growth. Popular shades of shade green include:




Tans and Beiges 2022 color trends dhurrie beige


From chocolate brown to sandy beige, versatile neutrals never go out of style. Choosing a tan or beige paint for your walls allows you to create a space with limitless design possibilities. Apply a darker shade for an accent wall to create a moodier feel or consider adding white to brighten the space up. Colors like Sherwin Williams’ Dhurrie Beige (pictured), Valspar’s Cream in my Coffee, and Behr’s Dove are all great neutral choices.




Blue Hues 2022 color trends blue


Like clear skies, blue hues embody both comfort and relaxation. Blue is a very versatile shade that can pair seamlessly with other colors, especially neutrals. Whether it’s a rich navy or delicate pastel blues, it can transform any room into a peaceful retreat. If you’re looking for blue paint for your home, consider these:



Pastels 2022 color trends pastels


From soft colors like pink and powder blue to crisp and refreshing yellow and green, pastel paints are both playful and comforting. In addition to being a fun accent color, pastel shades also harmonize effortlessly with a range of colors. Pastel shades like Valspar’s Sweet Pastel, Cumulus Cotton by Benjamin Moore, and Magnolia’s Emmie’s Room (pictured, courtesy of Sarah Joy) are versatile options for around your home. Pastel paints are great for rooms with lots of natural light to enhance their airy feel.



What Do You Think of These 2022 Color Trends?

As the new year rolls around, these 2022 color trends are a great way to change up your home for the year ahead. Choosing a paint color can be challenging, but you can’t go wrong with any of these shades. Whether you decide to go neutral or more playful, these colors are great for years to come.