When it comes to title insurance and searching through the property’s title, there is a simple concept that is frequently overlooked: where is the property. That may be a humorous thought—why would you purchase a property if you didn’t know where it is?—but when it comes to buying a house or a commercial property, knowing exactly where the property is can make a big difference.

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This is where land surveys come in. At Metropolitan Title, we believe that no matter how well you or your real estate agent thinks they know the property, you should invest in a land survey. Let’s look at some reasons why.


Possible encroachments on your property can become increasingly troublesome down the road. For example, a neighbor’s fence, wall, or even a building could be on the property. A property corner could also be missing or encroached upon. This can be an issue if you ever plan on putting up a fence; you will need to know exactly where your property line is located because if you don’t, you could possibly build on your neighbor’s property, which is sure to pass on the financial burden of having to remove and rebuild the fence on the correct location.


Measuring Fence A survey is important before doing any home improvements that may encroach on your neighbor’s property, causing problems down the road. 


Let’s say you and a neighbor are having a dispute about where your property ends and theirs begins. A land survey will unveil any property lines or property corners that exist. 


A land survey will help protect your investment. A survey can reveal the exact property dimensions, size, and even the location of the home on the property. It will also identify other improvements on the property like a driveway or a pool deck that may be crossing a property line.


Referencing a legal description may not be enough to determine the property lines, so hiring a land surveyor will help you meet certain requirements for buying or improving a piece of real estate or simply locating the property boundaries for your own reference.

There are nine reasons to get a land survey. They include:

  1. Finding property lines
  2. Meeting mortgage requirements
  3. Getting title insurance
  4. Settling boundary line disputes
  5. Knowing what exactly you’re buying
  6. Locating easements
  7. Building a house or other structure
  8. Updating an outdated property survey
  9. Locating utilities.


There are a few types of land surveys. The one you need to get is dependent upon the reason you need the survey. There are seven types of land surveys:

  • ALTA survey
  • Boundary survey
  • Location survey
  • Subdivision survey
  • Site-planning survey
  • Construction survey
  • Topographic survey


The cost of the survey varies depends on the type of survey and the size and shape of the property, so if you find yourself in need of a land survey, the Metropolitan Title team is ready to help you get an accurate estimate of the cost.