The last step in the homebuying journey comes when the buyer arrives at the closing office. Recently, though, the homebuying journey has changed significantly on all sides of the deal and our closing model needed to be amended. In our efforts to keep both homebuyers and sellers as healthy and safe as possible, the Metropolitan Title team has updated our closing practices and have upped the ante for maintaining a controlled environment. These practices have been developed alongside our title underwriters and corporate attorneys to facilitate virtual closings. How are we doing it? Here is what buyers and sellers can expect when they close at any Metropolitan Title office:

Check Out Our Easy to Follow What to Expect at Your Metropolitan Title Closing Infographic


Prior to closing, both parties will receive a phone number to text when they arrive for their closing appointment. Then, when the closing room is ready, the buyer or seller will receive another text. At this point, they will proceed through the doors. All doors will already be opened, allowing the clients to go to the room without touching anything.


Ordinarily, we would like to invite our guests into our snack rooms, but to keep them safe, these rooms have been closed. As an added measure, we have made facemasks and gloves available to visitors, though they are not required.


Closer using a tablet

Through the use of an iPad your closer will walk you through the closing process and witness your signing remotely.


The documents, a new pen, and an iPad will be waiting for the client in the room. The iPad will be up and running, so the client doesn’t need to touch it. The closer will be connected to the client’s iPad where the client can see and hear the closer as well as see their computer screens and go over the documents. All signing is done within view of the iPad so the closer is actually witnessing the signing per legal standards.


The signed closing documents will be emailed to all parties after the closing has been completed, though a paper copy will also be made available if requested.


We have also hired additional staff members specifically to clean and sanitize all closing room tables, chairs, doorknobs, printers, copiers, and miscellaneous surfaces.


We will also allow for “curbside closing,” though this will be an abbreviated meeting–social distancing cannot be maintained during this and we will not be able to take time to explain all the complexities.


Further, by the Governor’s executive order, customers are not allowed to congregate in our lobbies and offices. Additionally, some Realtors are asking sellers to leave the keys and garage door openers on the kitchen counter and give keypad codes or other means to of entrance into the home to the seller when they would ordinarily come with the seller to the closing office.


Metropolitan Title is committed to our continued service to our community to the best of our ability during these uncertain times. We are working with our industry partners to maintain safety protocols and to follow all requirements set forth by the State of Indiana. We thank you for your continued business and wish you continued health and happiness.


Metropolitan Title Closing CTA