There is something inherently cozy about the holidays, isn’t there? Whether you’re singing about being at home on your chosen holiday or watching a movie about a red-nosed reindeer who saves the day, there is a certain sentimentality when it comes to your home on the holidays. For whatever reason, the time has come for you to move out and sell your house. How can you successfully sell your home this holiday season?

Let’s talk about the logic of selling your home this time of year. Like any season, there are benefits and pitfalls during the winter holidays. This is a busy time of year: between cooking, parties, wrapping gifts, decorating, and all the other things that happen both inside and outside your home make staging your house difficult. The internet has no seasons and online home searching has become increasingly popular. 93% of 2018 homebuyers used the internet in their research. If the consumer is serious about buying a new home during the holiday season, they will make time to browse.


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Let’s talk about the December real estate market. The trend for this time of year is fewer buyers are looking to buy a house, because of this, your home is less likely to meet a buyer’s specific needs. There are usually fewer houses on the market as well, which means your house is in less competition and, in a way, a hot commodity. If, for example, someone needs to move to your area because they starting a new job in January, then they have a serious incentive to buy your house specifically. Tax benefits can also motivate a winter homebuyer. Buyers can write off some expenses and make deductions on mortgage interest and real estate taxes. In December 2019, the inventory for houses for sale is expected to stay low and with interest rates staying below 4%, this could be added incentive for a potential buyer to seriously consider buying your house before year’s end.

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff: staging your home for the winter market. Take advantage of the time of year. Homes tend to look their best during this festive time of year. Feel free to decorate but be careful not to overdo as it is distracting at best and tacky at worst. Red is a warm, festive color that brings energy into any room; greenery, such as wreaths, are also cozy and seasonal. Avoid going overboard with religious decorations as they can be alienating: a Menorah, Christmas tree, et cetera, is fine, but keep it in moderation. Then there’s the ever-important curb appeal: don’t put up your reindeer, inflatable Frosty the Snowman, or Clark Griswold lighting if you’re serious about selling.

Even if your house doesn’t sell before the ball drops in Times Square, Metropolitan Title Company is always on your side providing the best homebuying and selling experience in Indiana. Happy Holidays from all of us at MTC.


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