Scott Catanzarite has been a Branch Manager at Metropolitan Title Company for the past 5 years. When he’s not delighting Hoosiers with the best home-buying process in the state, Scott has a passion for helping people in need. This week, Scott is taking part in South Bend’s Center for the Homeless’ Lipsync with Our Stars event at the Hilton Gardon Inn in South Bend.

“Originally, I was nominated to do Dancing with Our Stars, but I wasn’t able to fully commit to it and I didn’t want to mail it in and not contribute to the essence of what’s going on: bringing awareness and raising money for the Center for the Homeless,” Scott said, “Lipsync with Our Stars was really more my speed.”

Scott explains how he visited the Center for the Homeless and finding himself deeply affected by what he experienced: “I saw the school bus pull up, the doors open, and there’s 9 or 10 students. And that’s when it hit me. Here’s this group of kids, and they’re coming into the Center for the Homeless, which, for whatever their families’ reasons were, that’s where they were staying. I thought the kids may be a little down or a little embarrassed walking into the Center for the Homeless after school. But to see these kids get off the school bus like any other kid: they had that light in their eyes, they were laughing and joking, and having a good time. As a parent, that hit me.”

Scott was truly impressed with how thorough the Center had thought through every aspect of life to make living there feel as inviting and as comfortable as possible. He elaborated:

“They have a place for people who are saving money trying to transition out of the Center; they have units for families; they have a library and hang-out places for the kids. It blew me away: they have a Learning Center for the kids who aren’t in school yet, a Veterans’ Center, they even have Adult Learning programs where they teach people how to write resumes. They have donated suits available so people have a nice suit to wear to an interview and they get someone to come in and practice interviewing. You’re giving people the opportunity to try and better themselves while giving them a safe place to come back to every night. They do so many great things at the Center; I just want to do something good to help.”

The Center for the Homeless’ Lipsync with Our Stars kicks off at 6:00 PM on Friday November 8th at the Hilton Garden Inn. Be sure to vote for Scott and help him support the Center for the Homeless.

Scott concluded, “By all accounts, it’s going to be a really great time and a lot of fun, so we’re hoping to raise a lot of money.”